“For many years I was a sole proprietor and I was not taking advantage of all the solutions available to me. Formations helped me understand the incorporation process, how payroll works, and how to optimize my tax liability.” 

Alejandro Finy, Graphic Design and Web Development, 3E Studio

Alejandro is a talented graphic designer and web developer. He worked as a designer and developer for various gaming companies, both in Costa Rica and Panama, and helped build their online brands.

After 14 years of experience working as a full-time employee and gaining a wealth of knowledge in his field, Alejandro began focusing exclusively on freelancing in Seattle and opened his own business when he started 3E Studio in 2011.

3E Studio helps companies who need subject matter expertise in the creation of graphic design and web development solutions. Alejandro helps his clients with strategy and production work for websites, email marketing campaigns, and branding. He has collaborated with various digital marketing agencies and their technology-focused clients including Yesler, Rational, Microsoft, Google, and GoDaddy.

How Formations helped me?

The formations team have guided me in every financial aspect of managing my business.

  • Opened an LLC
  • Formed an S-Corp
  • Tax filing
  • Bookkeeping

  • Processing payroll
  • Keeping my business compliant with the IRS
  • Monthly reconciliation of finances
  • Full customer support and access to experts any time with my bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting

I joined Formations because I wanted to open an LLC and enjoy the benefit of being protected. I also needed guidance with payroll processing, tax payments, how frequently I should file taxes, and how to obtain the most benefits from tax planning.

Getting Onboard with Formations

As a self-employed design and development professional, I need to focus on my work, finish my projects in a timely manner, and manage clients. For years, I kept my setup very simple as a sole proprietor but this meant I wasn’t operating under the most beneficial model.
I knew I had to incorporate myself to be protected from liabilities and to save on taxes. Opening an LLC, and operating as an S-Corporation in particular, opened a whole new realm of possibilities to me. As a small business owner, everything was on my shoulders. I felt that the tax rules and regulations were overwhelming, and I didn’t have the time or the expertise to learn every nuance. The Formations team was helpful in guiding me through the process of incorporation, understanding how to manage my business, explaining the difference in my tax liabilities when I’m no longer a sole proprietor, and clarifying what happens to my sole proprietorship.

“Working as a sole proprietor Formations set me up with an LLC in a matter of days.  Formations has enabled me to operate in a more organized way, getting more benefits from my new setup. I can focus on my business because I know I have advice and support from a team of experts helping me with logistics.”

Save thousands of dollars on taxes, make better financial decisions, and get access to corporate-level benefits.

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