“Formations helps me plan my taxes, handle payroll and build my financial strategy”

Rebecca MacLeod, Owner,

Rebecca MacLeod is a marketing consultant and the president and founder of B2Launch, a Seattle based marketing consultancy.

Rebecca is a skilled leader with expertise in developing and managing strategy, building teams, and successfully executing within tight timelines and budgets. She has over 20 years’ experience working with technology-driven organizations. Rebecca creates marketing programs that support business objectives, growth goals, and profitability expectations.

Working with only 3-4 customers at once, Rebecca constantly must do her own business development and think how to find new clients. She is spending most of her time with her clients yet needs to keep planning for the future and find new projects. Working with Formations, she can now benefit from quarterly tax and payroll payments filed for her company. Formations has helped her plan her financials as well as keep her compliant with IRS requirements.

How Formations helped me?

Formations has handled B2Launch’s bookkeeping and other financial needs for 3 years. They have helped my business with the following:

  • Formed an S-Corp
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax filing
  • Processing payroll

  • Keeping my business compliant with the IRS
  • Monthly reconciliation of my finances
  • Full customer support and access to experts any time with my bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting

Before Formations, I felt disorganized and behind when it came to the financial side of the business. My area of expertise is marketing and business strategy, not payroll and taxes.

How I grew my business with Formations?

I opened my consultancy in 2008. My husband Sean joined me as a business strategist in 2015. As we developed the business and became more successful, our taxes became more complicated. We needed someone to stay on top of our taxes and payroll and provide insight into our tax liability in order to avoid paying large amounts of money when filing taxes. Formations has fulfilled all of these needs, and they work directly with our accountant to make sure we are compliant with tax regulations and help us avoid penalties.


“Formations provides a professional, integrated team that takes care of our taxes and day-to-day financials. We have peace of mind knowing that things are taken care of and we can focus on our business and our clients.”

Save thousands of dollars on taxes, make better financial decisions, and get access to corporate-level benefits.

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