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Creativity is your superpower. Your clients are happiest when your mental energy is focused on developing amazing ideas and incredible creative, not stressing out over IRS compliance, bookkeeping, and filing taxes.
Luckily, rescuing you from villainous Back Office tasks is our superpower!
Formations takes care of the tedious back-office work AND SAVES ON YOUR TAX BILL, so you’re free to focus on the parts of the business you’re best at!

We started Formations, for you to:
– Pay less taxes
– Get access to Fortune 500 benefits
– Focus on dollar productive activities

Most self-employed are unaware that by moving to an S-Corp, they can become their own W2 employees, and by doing so they reduce their self-employment taxes and save thousands of dollars every year.

Tax savings is the most obvious reason for self-employed professionals to become an S-Corp, however, there are many benefits to the S-Corp structure.

Hands on experience
What’s in it for you

Get access to Fortune 500 benefits

The most obvious is pay less taxes

Focus on dollar productive activities

Do more of what you love

Don’t take our word for it, ask Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones, Founder and Creative Director, Rainbow Creative

“I really feel like Formations is a partner with my business. Since working with them, I feel more confident in my business, a lot of the stress of handling any of the finances or taxes is completely off of me, and I get to focus on doing what I do best and that's being a creative and a producer”

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