How self-employed can save on taxes with S Corp

Webinar: How self-employed can save on taxes with S-Corp

Formations Team

13 May
Formations S-Corp Self-Employed Taxes Webinars

S-Corp is the most popular tax entity in corporate America, but self-employed have not adopted it despite the great benefits it can give them. Self-employed who convert to S-Corp save money on their taxes, have a more durable and compliant business structure, and enjoy the benefits of a steady paycheck.

Watch our webinar to learn more on the 5 Elements of S-Corp and its value for the self-employed.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Why S-Corp is the best tax entity for Self-Employed
  • The basic steps and requirements for becoming an S-Corp
  • The 5 Elements of S-Corp 
  • Tips and tricks for running your S-Corp 
  • And more


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