Webinar:  W2 is Better Than 1099 For Self-Employed!

Adi Buber

30 Jul
Formations S-Corp Self-Employed Taxes Webinars

Most self-employed are unaware that by moving to an S-Corp, they can become their own W2 employees, and by doing so they reduce their self-employment taxes and save thousands of dollars every year. Tax savings is the most obvious reason for self-employed to become an S-Corp, however, there are many benefits to the S-Corp structure.
On our webinar, we’d like to outline the five most beneficial reasons to do so.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • What Does forming an S-Corp mean?
  • how does the process work?
  • 5 reasons to incorporate:
    • Tax Savings
    • Fortune 500 Benefit
    • Personal asset protection
    • Additional credibility
    • Less risk of getting an audit

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