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Unlock Self-Employed Benefits

Discover essential benefits that can transform your journey.

Affordable Healthcare Plans

Formations has partnered with Vault Strategies to bring our customers a game-changing solution: A health plan that's on par with what any traditional W2 employee can get. Vault Strategies offers affordable healthcare plans with alternatives to typical major medical health plans, including preventative care, Telehealth, and discounts on drugs and medical supplies. 

To learn more about our partnership visit our blog, or read an interview with Vault Strategies' CEO

Retirement Solutions

We believe that retirement is not only a destination but an important aspect of your self-employment journey and the financial health of your business. We also know this is one of the most confusing topics for the self-employed.

To learn more about what retirement plan is best for you, read our blog.

Cost Segregation

Cost segregation is a tax planning strategy that involves reclassifying components of a real estate investment to accelerate depreciation deductions, allowing you to front-load depreciation on certain parts of your property, resulting in immediate tax savings. At Formations, we have partnered with Cost Segregation Authority, a team of dedicated experts who help self-employed rental property owners harness the full potential of cost segregation.

To learn more about cost segregation, visit our blog.

“The folks at Formations did a little research about my property to make sure it was a good option for a cost segregation study. I walked the adjustor through my property via Zoom and shortly after the report came back with over $60K in tax savings! I was beyond belief how much I got back on my tax return this year thanks to Formations due diligence to make sure no rock was left unturned.”

Nina Zerbo, Real Estate Broker

These partnerships are designed exclusively for Formations customers. See if your self-employed business qualifies.

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