Less taxes, more benefits, greater peace of mind.

Formations takes care of the tedious back-office work AND SAVES ON YOUR TAX BILL, so you’re free to focus on the parts of the business you’re best at, as a self-employed professional!

We all have our business blind spots, things we need to overcome in order to make the next leap.

Formations helps self-employed individuals thrive, with fewer tax payments, more benefits, and greater peace of mind.

What Will You Get With Formations?

The Birth of an S-Corporation

Still a sole proprietor?
We’ll help you create your S-Corporation. You won’t believe how easy it is!
Already operating an S-Corp?
Great! We’ll migrate you to Formations. Even easier.

Sorry, I Don't Do Taxes

We’ll handle all your taxes, so you’ll never have to worry about an audit again.

We’re in this together.

We Have No Paper

Our amazing Xero-powered cloud bookkeeping software will keep your books up-to-date, your business compliant, and will even find areas where you can save money. And trees.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Ever had a finance question at 4 AM? With Formations, your account is always up to date, and your dedicated account manager and team will gladly answer your questions.

Start Flexing Those Benefits

Get amazing corporate-level benefits without the overbearing Fortune 500-wanna be boss? Sign me up!

Some Sci-Fi Skills

Our AI engine is your personal scout, constantly on the lookout for money-saving opportunities, while our machine learning models can dole out expert advice about what you should do. All of this = no more financial advice from that friend who “knows a guy.”

Compliance is a Big Word

We know taxes can be scary, but our U.S-certified bookkeepers and timely calendar notifications work together to make sure that you’re always in full compliance.

S-Corporations Unite!

Being part of the Formations community means getting better deals on benefits, joining a world of knowledge (including expert-back tips, business hacks, and more!), and the chance to mingle with like-minded people.

How Formations Works

Step by Step
Your Revenue
Formations is connected to your business bank account and automatically recognizes your business revenue.
Expenses Payroll Distribution Benefits
There are four ways to get money out of your business and Formations constantly manages and optimizes all of them to maximize your tax savings and your take home money.
Tax Savings
On average, Formations users save 40% on their taxes every year. That's Another monthly paycheck without doing any more work.
Take Home Money
You've worked hard to build a business and bring money home, we help you keep more of it in your pocket.

What do people have to say about Formations?

Deanne DeVries,
Owner, DeVries Properties

“As a Real Estate Broker, I constantly think whether I should invest more time working in my business or working on my business. With Formations a large part of working on my business is taken care of so I don’t need to worry about it and can spend more time working in my business – meeting clients, finding buyers, and getting the work done.”

Read Deanne DeVries’s full case-study

Stephanie Kristen,
Real Estate Agent, Windermere

“Formations took over the financial management of my business, made sure that my S-Corporation election was filed properly, and helped me follow all requirements to keep more money in my pocket. Formations reviewed my 2019 tax return and filed a late S-election for my business. Thanks to them, I was able to save $14,000 on my 2019 taxes!”

Read Stephanie Kristen’s full case study


Alejandro Finy, Graphic Design and Web Development, 3E Studio

“For many years I was a sole proprietor and I was not taking advantage of all the solutions available to me. Formations helped me understand the incorporation process, how payroll works, and how to optimize my tax liability.” 

Read Alejandro Finy’s full case study

Alex Nakamoto,
Real Estate Agent, John L Scott

“Formations has allowed me to focus on working on my business and focus on dollar productive activities. It has removed the stress of having to worry about keeping track of my expenses and payroll. It’s relieving to know that I have a group of experts behind me ensuring that I am paying my taxes on time while still maximizing my profits as an S-Corp.”

Read Alex Nakamoto’s full case study

Save thousands of dollars on taxes, make better financial decisions, and get access to corporate-level benefits.

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