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Brooks Glenn

To be successful in real estate, realtors must create consistent daily habits - which then translate into powerful systems. Formations became that "powerful system" for me.

Real Estate Broker, Windermere

Meet Brooks

Brooks Glenn has been a real estate broker for nearly 20 years. He originally started his real estate career in Chicago before eventually relocating to Washington. But immediately, he knew that real estate was more than finding a three-bedroom home with a fireplace.

“It was a couple getting married and starting a family, kids going off to college and downsizing. There was also divorce, tragedies, and sometimes, death. Real estate was bigger than ‘the house’ for me,” says Brooks, “It became what the home represented for the person at that moment in their life. I am truly honored to help in this most powerful way.

Helping clients live their dreams is what motivates him as a broker. With a professional and personal approach, he’s an attentive listener who can offer sound advice and guidance from the first step to the last.

How has Formations helped your business?

As I mentioned, I've been a real estate broker for years. But Formations helped me to become a real estate professional.

To be successful in real estate, realtors must create consistent daily habits - which then translate into powerful systems. Formations became that "powerful system" for me. It removed the guesswork and provided me with a structure that allowed me to be the best I could be.

How have your business financials changed with Formations?

In this industry, and specifically in our market, we tend to receive larger commissions. There's a saying, "A fool and his money are easily departed." Formations removed the foolishness.

I see money differently. The systems in place helped me appreciate the value of every dollar and track how it was spent or saved.

One of the biggest values has been paying taxes out of each commission check. Planning ahead and working with Formations on this has removed the fear or concern of “tax season.”

Before Formations, I was in complete fear of tax season. Like many, I was behind at times and owing. Today, I feel extremely prepared and comfortable. I also feel having a strong team of professionals helping me throughout the year is more of a partnership than going to someone for tax help during tax season.

I learned that you pay for what's important to you and that having this system in place took the worry away but also educated me to the point that I could make better financial decisions.

Would you recommend Formations to your colleagues?

I absolutely would (and have). Again, this service takes you from working as a real estate broker to becoming a real estate professional. It's another daily routine that produces the best of you.

The main difference with Formations is the relationships formed. They are more of a team member than someone such as a CPA or company filing your taxes once a year.

Anyone who has been in the real estate industry understands the fluctuations of this market, the ups and downs, and the highs and lows. Formations has offered help and assistance, even when I felt like I might not get through it. They truly are part of your team through thick and thin.

A message from the Formations Team:

Professionals like Brooks are the epitome of why we do what we do. We are passionate about helping one of our most underserved professional communities: the solopreneurs. They are pillars of our community and often engage in services that profoundly impact the world around us.

We firmly believe these individuals deserve the same access to advanced financial insights, guidance, and benefits as their W2 and corporate counterparts. We are proud to be considered an extension of Brooks’s team and look forward to championing his success for years to come.

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