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Keren Amitay

“Formations helped me understand how to run a business in the United States. They are helping me manage my finances by keeping my books in order and closely monitoring my account.”

Owner, TechTalent Recruiting

Keren Amitay is a successful recruiter with eighteen years of experience as a Human Resources and Recruitment Manager. Five years ago, while living in Israel, Keren decided to open her own recruiting business called TechTalent.

Her company provides recruitment services and headhunting of tech professionals and talents across all levels and positions. The company uses the most advanced recruiting techniques for quickly and efficiently sorting and identifying ideal candidates. Over the years, TechTalent has helped companies both large and small to find and retain their best employees.

Even though Keren moved to Seattle a few years ago, she decided to keep her business running in Israel while she remotely manages her employees from the States.

How Formations helped me?

Formations has helped me open my business in the United States and understand the best tax structure that fits my needs:

  • Opened an LLC
  • Formed an S-Corp
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax filing
  • Processing payroll
  • Keeping my business compliant with the IRS
  • Monthly reconciliation of my finances
  • Full customer support and access to experts any time with my bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting

How I grew my business with Formations?

Growing up in Israel and working there for most of my life, I made connections with many people and companies. I have always worked for technology companies, where I gained a wealth of experience in the entire recruiting process.

Using my knowledge and expertise, I can identify the right candidate that best fits my clients’ needs. After so many years of working for others, I felt ready to open my own business! During the first three years as a business owner, I worked hard to implement my knowledge and grow my business. At that time, I hired four more employees and was able to work with many prospects and help them to find their dream job!

After five years as a business owner, I felt that I had enough knowledge to expand my business and offer my services in the United States as well. I’ve used Formations to help me understand how to run a business, pay my taxes, and save on taxes. Formations helps me with yearly tax planning, bookkeeping, payroll, and how to stay compliant with the IRS.

I’m a very happy customer. I always get a quick answer to any question that I have. Formations, you should take pride in your fast and efficient customer service!

“The Formations team gave me guidance in opening my own business in the United States by getting me acquainted with IRS rules and regulations. I joined Formations in order to expand my business and offer my services in the United States, as well as to help me take care of the bookkeeping, taxes, and financial planning.”

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