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Rebecca Monge

“Formations is definitely the piece I was missing in my business. From forming the corporation to the bookkeeping and payroll, I feel more professional.”

Real Estate Agent, Professional Realty Services

Rebecca Monge is a Realtor with a passion for helping families find the right home for each stage of life. She is a San Diego native and knows her territory backward and forwards. She is willing to do the work, from helping her clients with a home prep to finding financing and everything in between. She puts their needs and timelines first and that is why they start as clients and end as friends.

Formations is Here to Help

"I am very much a go-getter with heavy sales and negotiation training, however, I am not the most organized person. Formations is definitely the piece I was missing in my business.  From forming the corporation to the bookkeeping and payroll, I feel more professional”.

Formations helped me take control of my business and efficiently manage my S-Corp:

  • Massive tax savings by setting up an LLC and an S-Corp.
  • Better financial decisions by activating a dedicated financial partner to help manage back-office tasks like expense tracking, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filing
  • Minimized risk of an audit by maintaining compliance with IRS requirements
  • Expert advice when I need it

“I am still relatively new with Formations, but having the financial management burden taken off my plate allows me to work on my side of the business. The separation between business and personal is so important. Everyone within the Formations Team has been great, super friendly and patient with my scattered focus and things as I find them and send them in.  Isaac, Monica and Sarah have all been wonderful.” 

Growing My Business with Formations

"So far the greatest value is the relief.  Just knowing it is being handled by honest professionals that know what they are doing is great.  I was always winging it and scrambling with this side.  I know they will save me money and time and help me not have things slipping through the cracks”.

"No one can be good at everything and if you are not an accountant you need one. Just like I tell clients when they talk about selling their own home: I wouldn't cut my own hair (and that grows back)!  We don't want to mess around with our income and taxes. I appreciate having people in my corner that are experts in that field."

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