Why Real Estate Agents Should Prepare Financial Statements

We can’t say it enough: When you’re a real estate agent, you don’t have...

11 Oct

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The IRS is Set to Get $80 Billion in New Funding

What does increased IRS funding really mean for taxpayers and the self-employed? [embed]https://youtu.be/X0jiWfBZv1Q[/embed] New...

29 Aug

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How To Protect Yourself From An Audit

Audits don’t have to be scary—here’s what you can do to prepare. The Likelihood...

25 Aug

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Six Reasons An S-Corp Makes Sense For Real Estate Agents

If you're a real estate agent, make sure you're not missing out on this...

15 Aug

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Five Books Every Real Estate Agent Should Read Now

Productive reads for the self-employed entrepreneur. There are many obvious must-haves for a successful...

20 Jul

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Formations Raises $8M Series A

Today we announced the closing of our $8M Round A funding, led by Arthur...

13 Apr

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Preparing Your Year End S-Corp Tax Report

Taxes can be really stressful—you already know that which is why you’re here. We...

17 Dec

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Tax Liability and Important Deadlines
for S-Corp Owners

An S-Corp owner is responsible for many tax obligations and important deadlines on both...

16 Dec

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Tax Deductions You Can Enjoy as an S-Corp

So, you’ve taken the leap and upgraded your LLC to an S-Corp!  Congratulations!  Now...

09 Dec

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Depreciation 101

When learning about a new financial term like Depreciation, you’ll come across a number...

19 Oct

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