Quarterly Wages vs. Monthly Wages

We have established that, as an S-Corp, you must pay yourself a reasonable compensation. ...

15 Dec

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Why Payroll?

Why Payroll? When you take the S-Corporation election with the IRS, you are agreeing...

08 Dec

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Taxes the Self-Employed Need to Pay

You’ve heard the adage “Pay yourself first.” As the proud owner of an S-Corporation,...

23 Nov

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Tax Deductions You Can Enjoy as an S-Corp

So, you’ve taken the leap and upgraded your LLC to an S-Corp!  Congratulations!  Now...

17 Nov

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Avoid These Mistakes at All Costs
When Filing Your S-Corp Taxes

One of the most painful and costly mistakes you can make when running an...

05 Nov

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Preparing Your Year End S-Corp Tax Report

Taxes can be really stressful—you already know that which is why you’re here. We...

29 Oct

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FAQ – Starting a Business

Starting your own business is exciting, but stressful. Self-employed business owners don’t wake up...

13 Oct

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Why Your CPA Says “No” to Your S-Corp

So you've talked to your CPA about the S-Corp before and received an emphatic...

07 Oct

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Becoming an S-Corp: Step-by-Step

Okay – you’ve learned that self-employment taxes are killing your bottom line, you’ve heard...

30 Sep

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3 steps to save on taxes and keep more of your hard-earned money

Working in the tax industry we have seen it all. Customers not filing on...

23 Sep

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